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Our Services

We are ready to provide you with guidance, support and match you to the best team of professionals for your needs.


Web information session 

Our bestseller - for a good reason!  

This information session could potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands.  

This is a great starting point for those of you who are simply contemplating or at the start of the separation or divorce process.  We tell you what to be prepared for and plan for, where money can be saved and generally what can happen.  The information video link is sent to you and can be watched at your own convenience.



Your needs, concerns and desired outcome regarding your divorce/separation are discussed in detail.  We search and shortlist the most suitable members from our network.  We provide you with information about them - what they specialise in, outline their fee structure/pricelist etc.  

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Progress Package

The divorce/separation process can provide many twists and turns. 

Should you need fruther advice, a revised strategy or require additional/different specialists added to your team at any stage through the process, we can review and offer new suggestions for you.

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