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It was going through her own divorce that inspired founder, Melanie Carson, to become a divorce strategist and then eventually set up  Post divorce she analysed her own divorce journey and the exorbitant costs she was charged.  The itemised invoice still makes her angry to this day.  What was frustrating was the fact that she realised that there were a number of tasks she could have completed herself and there were other professionals best placed to seek information and support from rather than relying solely on her lawyer. 


The simple aim of is to achieve what Melanie wishes that she could have achieved for herself - to save those going through this very overwhelming, complex and expensive journey as much money and stress as possible yet still achieve the desired and best outcome.  In order to achieve this, clients are offered guidance on what they can do themselves and how they can save costs.  Clients are then matched with a range of recommended professionals to form a support team that provides them with the best information, advice and support.


Melanie believes that the industry is overdue for reformation in order to reflect the times we live in but until such time, couples have to work within the current framework as best they can.  Melanie and the team at will help you navigate this.

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Melanie Carson Founder

Melanie is available to contribute to any press requests regarding a variety of separation and divorce issues.

To contact Melanie for any press requests:


Via our Contact Us page.

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