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Don't let your break up leave you bankrupt!  Save yourself hundreds, potentially thousands, with our help.

Every relationship is different, meaning every separation and divorce is different too. They are not only heartbreaking but can also be overwhelming, complex and expensive.

Dispartio is a bespoke separation and divorce strategy service. Our service is specific to your individual circumstances and needs.  We help you work out the best approach for your divorce and then determine what help you will need to achieve it.  We match you to registered Dispartio members, experts in their chosen fields, to assist you in forming a support team that will help achieve the best outcome for you - from legal professionals, to financial specialists and psychological support.


It is hoped that by connecting you to the most suitable professionals for your needs, you feel empowered by the right information and support to make the best decisions for you as economically as possible.

All members registered with Dispartio are committed to outstanding service, achieving resolution, avoiding Court whenever possible, cooperation with other parties and a sensible approach to costs. 


We make sure that our members abide by our Code of Conduct.  Our members display our Member logo and, on request, must provide clients with their individual Dispartio member number.  We also ensure that all our members have the relevant regulatory permits and specialist experience required to take care of your needs.

We can help no matter what stage you are at - be it that you are simply considering your options or you are mid journey.

Procure the best advice and support team for you,

Achieve resolution sensibly and economically,

Devise your best outcome with Dispartio!


Special offer: Web information session

Our bestseller - for a reason!
Our information can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands.
Are you at the start of the journey and don't know where to start, what to expect or how to save on costs?
We tell you what to be prepared for, what to plan, where money can be saved and generally what can happen.  
The information video link is sent to you and can be watched at your own convenience.
Be sensible and savvy with your separation.

How we work with you

During your consultation we take some details, discuss your journey so far, your support needs, any concerns you may have and desired outcome. 
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Based on a summary of your requirements, we search our member network for the advisors and professionals that best suit your needs.  
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A shortlist of these members is then generated and sent along with information about them and their services as well as their fee structure/pricelist. 
The final decision is yours! We encourage you to chat to each professional on the shortlist directly before making your preferred team selection.

Trusted by customers throughout the UK

“I was devastated about my divorce and was daunted by what was ahead of me. Huge thanks to Mel and her team who found me the best experts to provide me with much needed all-round support, advice and planning.”

Joanne F 

“Best money I spent!! The professionals recommended by the Dispartio team to help me through my break up provided me with great clarity and guidance.  Thank you.”

Priya M

“The service was outstanding. No one wins in a separation.  However, I was provided with a great strategy and support team which in turn lead to an outcome for myself, my ex and my children that I was very satisfied with.”

 Richard S

dispartio (Latin): verb to separate, divide, distribute, assign

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